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F-CRIN National Coordination Office

An entry point to the F-CRIN infrastructure

The National Coordination Office represents, supports and leads the approved components and makes its expertise available to all clinical research actors.

Encourages and assists the F-CRIN infrastructure’s development

  • Initiates and promotes projects
  • Facilitates project execution
  • Pools skills
  • Achieves shared objectives

Pooled operational skills to support the F-CRIN infrastructure


  • Monitoring, coordination and scientific evaluation of components
  • Support for a quality process approach
  • Assistance for developing and executing European projects
  • Assistance for developing projects in partnership with industry players
  • Assistance for access to national and European funding
  • Occasional support for certain clinical trials
  • Development of training
  • Communication support


An ISO 9001-certified Unit, in support of "quality" of the labeled components:


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