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The F-CRIN project

January 2017

A positive and encouraging evaluation of the F-CRIN infrastructure

Last spring, F-CRIN underwent its mid-term evaluation as a national health and biology infrastructure by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and has just received the opinion issued by the steering committee:

“The mid-term evaluation jury highlighted the strategic importance of the F-CRIN infrastructure, the professionalism and enthusiasm of its actors and the clear success of the project. It also noted ECRIN’s success and the importance of F-CRIN’s ties to this European infrastructure. It praised the ambitions of F-CRIN, its chosen trajectory and its high-quality governance.”
This initial positive evaluation encourages the infrastructure’s managers and the coordinators of the various components, in cooperation with ECRIN and academic, hospital and industrial operators, to pursue their activities and intensify their efforts to support the structuring of French clinical research in order to improve its performance and make it more visible on the European and international stages.

Enhancing the competitiveness of French clinical research in clinical trials

The national clinical research infrastructure F-CRIN was created as part of the French Investments for the Future programme (PIA1).

F-CRIN’s missions are to:
  • Promote French clinical research in Europe and abroad
  • Support multicentre clinical trials under French coordination
  • Encourage early and innovative studies such as proof of concept

A Multipartite governance

F-CRIN’s governance is handled by major actors from national and international clinical research.
They head up four bodies that oversee the infrastructure’s strategic and scientific approach:
  • 3 strategic and operational steering bodies
  • 1 international scientific board responsible for selecting and evaluating F-CRIN-approved platforms and networks.

Professor Olivier Rascol, F-CRIN Coordinator, presents the F-CRIN project




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