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15th and 17th May 2017: A workshop for managing and re-using health data


Inserm's Workshop 246
"Managing and re-using health data : methodological issues"

On the 15th and 17th May 2017 in Bordeaux,
  • Marie-Christine Jacquemot and Françoise Cosserat (Inist/CNRS, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy),
  • Anne Cambon-Thomsen (U1027-Inserm, Toulouse),
  • Grégoire Rey (CépiDc-Inserm, Le Kremlin Bicêtre),
will be organising a workshop which will aim to provide an overview of the tools and the good practices to be adopted for a better management of health data throughout their life-cycle, in order to ensure a responsable sharing and to facilitate their reuse.

Targeted audience

Researchers, engineers, doctoral students, doctors et actors involved in the production, the management and the exploitation of medical-administrative and scientific data in the field oh health.


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