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7th november 2017 - Training course « Clinical research in practice – Cinical research explained to the non-specialists »

Training course clinical research in practice

Save the date training course in clinical research : November 7th in Toulouse

F-CRIN, the Toulouse University Hospital, the Toulouse Clinical Investigation Center, INSERM and Toulouse Tech Transfer are organising the training course :  « Clinical research in practice – Clinical research explained to the non-specialists ». registration (click on the link to register)

This one-day training course has been designed for:

  • researchers
  • start-up/bio-techs supervisors
  • health industry professionals

It deals with the key points of the development of a clinical research project. Each participant will have the opportunity to carry out a personnal assesment of its project with the help of a "raodmap" which will be filled in all along the training course. He will also leave the training course with memo sheets which will sumarise the key points and the usefull information sources. This training course will also be the opportunity to meet up and exchange with experts of the field.

Learning objectives

  • Grasp the motions and identify the actors which intervene in clinical research and in the setup and conduct of a study
  • Provide practical information enabling to enlignth/guide the participants in the setup of a study
  • Share feedbacks and exchange on the difficulties and the issues experienced

Learning methods

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge ressources
  • Knowledge capitalisation
  • Real-life situations
  • Practice projection
  • Interactions between the different actors of the training course

Location : Toulouse


Training course "Clinical research in practice"

Training fees* 

  • Participant of the public sector or fron a TPE (Very Small Business): 300€ - complementary registration: 250€
  • Participant of the private sector (except Very Small Busnisses): 400€ - complementary registration: 350€

*GIPSE being exempt of VAT, pursuant article 261-4-4° of the taxes general code, all fees are indicated in euros, net amount due.

Financial support

The training course being carried out by the GIPSE, La formation est portée par le GIPSE, authorised training organisation, it can be financially supported by the participant's employer. Approval number : 73 31 07011 31 | N° SIRET: 130 018 195 000 11.


Nabila Rebelo - Training assistant at the F-CRIN home office registration (click on the link to register)


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