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COVIREIVAC Platform: COVID-19 Vaccine Research Continues with the Launch of New Projects

Launched in October last year, the purpose of the COVIREIVAC platform coordinated by Inserm and F-CRIN in conjunction with 32 university hospitals and a network of 11 immunology laboratories is to conduct and promote first-class clinical vaccination research in France. Since then, some 50,000 volunteers have signed up to participate in that research and improve knowledge of these new vaccines, making this is an unprecedented initiative in our country. COVIREIVAC is steered by Inserm and the clinical operational aspects of the various university hospitals are coordinated by the Paris Hospital Group AP-HP. In addition to France’s participation in the clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of two doses of Janssen’s vaccine candidate (already licensed for use with one dose), which began in February, other ambitious projects are being launched within the framework of COVIREIVAC.

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