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COVIREVAC, the French platform for testing vaccine candidates

A one-stop access to the French expertise in vaccinology and to a pool of 25,000 Volunteers for Large-Scale Clinical Trials

International research is being mobilized in order to develop safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19. 
At the request of the French government, France – drawing on the excellence of its clinical research in vaccination – has taken steps to help evaluate the most promising vaccine candidates with the deployment of the COVIREIVAC platform.

Managed by Inserm with  the  operational  help  of  F-CRIN,  COVIREIVAC  federates  24 Clinical Investigation Centers (CICs) located in university hospitals across France, in close collaboration with the College of Teachers in General Practice (General Practitioners Teaching Association) and its 11 000 members. It also involves a network of clinical immunological research labs to ensure immunomonitoring capabilities throughout the trials. The clinical operational aspects of the various university hospitals are coordinated by the Paris Hospital Group AP-HP.

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