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F-CRIN has labelled 4 new networks

F-CRIN has labelised 4 new networks in the fields of stroke (Strokelink), psychotic disorders (F-PSYNet), atopic dermatitis (Fraden), Charcot's disease and motor neuron (ACT4ALS-MND), which brings to 19 the number of networks supported by this infrastructure of excellence at the service of French health research.

The organization, which has a national coordination unit located in Toulouse, already federates and supports 12 clinical investigation networks - CRICS-TRIGGERSEP (Sepsis), CRI-IMIDIATE (Autoimmune and auto-inflammatory diseases), CRISALIS (Severe Asthma), FACT (Cardiovascular diseases), FCRIN4MS (Multiple sclerosis), FORCE (Obesity), FRCRNet (Retinal diseases), INI-CRCT (Cardiorenal diseases), INNOVTe (Thrombosis), I-REIVAC (Vaccinology), NS-PARK (Parkinson's and movement diseases), PEDSTART (Pediatrics), - 3 networks of expertise and methodology - ORPHANDEV (Rare Diseases) RECAP (Epidemiology), TECH4HEALTH (Medical Devices) -, and a customized support platform offering all the services necessary for the conduct of clinical trials (EUCLID).

Today, 4 new research and investigation networks of national scope have obtained the F-CRIN label:

  • ACT4ALS-MND, research network on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Other Motor Neuron Diseases (MND)
  • F-PSYNet, research network on psychotic disorders
  • Fraden, research network on atopic dermatitis
  • Strokelink, Stroke research network

"We are delighted to be able to integrate these four new national research and investigation networks, which will benefit from the support and scientific and operational dynamics of the F-CRIN organization, a model that has proven its effectiveness in making France an international leader in clinical research," said Professor Olivier Rascol, coordinator of F-CRIN.

In total, since its inception, F-CRIN has participated in more than 600 clinical research projects, 44% of which were international in scope, and initiated more than 1000 scientific publications. The national coordination and the various components benefit from the support of several university hospitals, universities, foundations and industrial partners.


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