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Design and conduct of national and international clinical trials


Facilitating and supporting clinical trials in France from start to finish


  • Creation of scientific boards of leading experts in their fields
  • Design and setup of clinical trials
  • Methodological support: development of original experimental plans
  • Assessment of trial feasibility and inclusion potential
  • Drafting of the protocol and appendices
  • Coordination and conduct of clinical trials
  • Monitoring
  • Data management
  • Oversight
  • Scientific publication

Through its approved components, F-CRIN offers scientific and methodological collective expertise combined with strong research capacities for specific themes.
The infrastructure also provides promoters (industrial or academic) and project leaders with methodological, administrative and logistical support tailored to carrying out the studies, for which it can also handle coordination.
It ensures support from the project development stage and throughout the clinical trial.


Contact the National Coordination Office for all expertise requests

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