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Training & Education: situation & challenges

Training: one of F-CRIN's mission

The purpose of F-CRIN is to be by the side of French investigators and sponsors to help them answer to the international criteria on attractivity and efficiency.
One of the means implemented by F-CRIN to fulfill this mission has been to establish a Training & Education Unit in order to:

  • contribute to the acquisition of skills and qualifications by the French clinical research professionals
  • insure its promoting on a national, European and international stage.

An activity in training in two different streams

Training engineering

on themes scarcely or not covered in France today

Revitalising the sector

through the development of information and comunication devices and more specificaly the online tool Training Course Advisor (TCA)
This information platform on French clinical research training, has been thought and designed in order to:

  • identify the offer and enable its access,
  • collect, formalize and trnasmit to the training organisations the training needs,
  • make visible the training activity,

for all the clinical research professionals in France.

Today F-CRIN's activity in training can be identified through:

Operational post-graduate training courses

(upgrade, update) including for industial players in 2014-2015

10 new training courses scheduled in 2016

University partnerships (Paris 7, Toulouse 3, Aix-Marseille, EHESP…)

500 people trained in 2 years

investigators, research staff, admisitrative staff, industrials, patients…)

Many fields are concerned:

  • Research organisation (European projects, Training of hospital directors)
  • Technical aspects (Risk management, quality management, rare disseases, medical devices, imaging, medical themes...)

306 licences of a TransCelerate recognised GCP training course (Formedea)

made available by F-CRIN for the labeled network's investigators

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