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TCA: a tool developed by F-CRIN

The Training Course Advisor, an information system available to the actors of training in clinical research

The purpose of the Training & Education Unit of F-CRIN's Coordination Office is to :

  • contribute to the acquisition of skills and qualifications by French research teams
  • insure its promoting on a national, European and international stage.

In this context, the Training & Education Unit has deployed an information device on training in clinical research in France: the Training Course Advisor (TCA).

The objective is to develop and stimulate training in clinical research in France by facilitating access to an information which is accessible, qualified and the most detailed possible.

Reference and interconnect the actors of training in clinical research

Each referencing on the TCA leads to the creation of a specification sheet and all these sheets are interconnected. There is four differnet types of sheets:

Stimulate and develop the activity of training in clinical research

The TCA has 3 functionalities to develop and organise interactions between the supply and demand of training in clinical research:


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