ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) is a European intergovernmental non-profit organisation that supports multinational clinical research in Europe. In 2013, ECRIN obtained the legal status of ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium). F-CRIN is the French component of ECRIN.

What is ECRIN?

ECRIN supports clinical trials across borders.

ECRIN provides sponsors and investigators with advice, management services and tools to facilitate collaboration and assist in the design and conduct of multinational clinical trials in Europe.

Based in Paris, ECRIN works with its European correspondents across Europe, national networks of Clinical Trial Units (CTUs), as well as with many European and international stakeholders involved in clinical research.

The ECRIN / F-CRIN partnership

F-CRIN is the French partner of ECRIN with four areas of action:

  • Implementation and execution of ECRIN projects in France

The F-CRIN national network hosts the European ECRIN correspondents for France in its premises. This proximity allows an efficient collaboration on a daily basis for the implementation and follow-up of ECRIN-approved projects, whether they are French "F-CRIN" projects to be extended to other European countries with the support of ECRIN, or foreign projects approved by ECRIN to be implemented in France with the support of F-CRIN.


  • Quality approach

The F-CRIN coordination and ECRIN are ISO 9001 certified.

The ECRIN/F-CRIN partnership has enabled the ECRIN certification of several clinical data management centres in France.

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  • Participation in the organisation of European / international activities

- "CRIGH" project (Clinical Research Initiative for Global Health): F-CRIN is involved with ECRIN in this international consortium aiming to harmonise clinical research practices.

- Thematic network: the F-CRIN labelled network "PedSTART" (paediatrics) and ECRIN are involved in joint European projects (c4c connect4children).

- ICTD (International Clinical Trials Day): ECRIN organises the "International Clinical Trials Day" every year in May with the participation of all its national components.


  • Organisation of joint training modules


Updated on 06 July 2022