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National Council for Clinical Trial Performance [CNaPEC]

In April 2016, the French Strategic Committee for Healthcare Industries (CSIS), which brings together at the highest level public authorities and health industries, suggested to the French Government the creation of a consultative forum involving all public and private clinical research stakeholders to mobilize all national parties involved in clinical trials. The objective is to reinforce French attractiveness and competitiveness regarding industrial clinical trials. 
The CSIS commissioned the French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (F-CRIN,) in partnership with the CNCR (National Committee for Research Coordination), to lead and pilot this forum. The National Council for Clinical Trial Performance (CNaPEC) was then created in 2017. 
The CNaPEC Board associates representatives from health industries (drugs, medical devices, biotechs), from 3 Ministries (health, research, industry), from academics and hospitals. 
Three missions are currently carried out: 
  • Identification of inspiring models, practices and key performance indicators in European countries for industrial clinical trials (exploratory missions in 4 countries: Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium). 
  • International informative campaign about French strength and excellence in clinical trials, in collaboration with Business France. 
  • Modelling of a center and network of excellence to ensure optimal recruitment in clinical trials (Identification of patient’s recruitment’s good practices and performing tools in France to define specifications for a center/network of excellence.) 

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