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F-CRIN communication – Logos and brochures

Welcome to the visual communication area for the F-CRIN infrastructure

Conditions for using F-CRIN logos and brochures

F-CRIN owns all rights to the elements that can be downloaded here (visuals and texts).
They may be used freely as long as :
  • Their use does not harm the image of the F-CRIN infrastructure.
  • No commercial brand or company is used on these communication materials.
  • Their use is not inappropriate or fraudulent.
Any misuse of these materials will be subject to legal action.
The user agrees to send a mock-up of their project using F-CRIN logos and brochures by email using the contact form.


F-CRIN infrasctructure logos

F-CRIN logo 





F-CRIN scientific networks logos


F-CRIN service plateforms logos


F-CRIN infrasctructure brochures

F-CRIN brochures

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F-CRIN scientific networks brochures


F-CRIN service plateforms brochures 


Fcrin - cartes

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