The French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (F-CRIN) is one of the winners of the "Biology and Health Infrastructure" call for projects launched in 2010 by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the national PIA programme of investments for the future.

F-CRIN was set up in 2012 to boost the performance and thus the competitive edge of France in academic or industrial clinical research on the international stage. This involves helping to structure areas of excellence with high potential in the field of translational research in France, while also fostering dynamic performance and collective intelligence to initiate ambitious and innovative research projects.

F-CRIN is also the French component of ERIC-ECRIN, the European Clinical Research Network supporting multinational clinical trials.

What is F-CRIN?

  • F-CRIN is a response to France's structural needs in clinical research.

How does F-CRIN operate?

  • F-CRIN was set up in 2012 as part of the PIA1 investment programme with the support of Inserm.
  • It provides support for the CIC community, through a network-based organisation dedicated to diseases that are not funded by national programmes.
  • The Infrastructure is a cross-cutting, unifying project bringing together all the players involved in French clinical research and the European network, ECRIN.

F-CRIN's strategic plan for 2020-2024

  • Expand the scope of F-CRIN to cover new diseases and therapeutic approaches and to develop initiatives in primary healthcare and biotherapeutics
  • Provide operational support for implementing appropriate clinical research actions in emergency situations, e.g. as part of the COVID epidemic
  • Develop synergies with other national infrastructures (biology, health)
  • Strengthen the presence of French clinical research at European and international levels in targeted medical fields, in particular through the partnership with ECRIN
  • Take part in the ongoing digital revolution by contributing to the development of personalised healthcare through the exploitation of clinical data and clinical e-research practices

F-CRIN networks: a strong scientific strategy, ranging from fundamental research to clinical trials, supported by groups of recognised experts

Provide scientific and operational tools

  • Combining medical, scientific and investigative expertise
  • Investigation centres that are part of the national fabric
  • Centre(s) for clinical trial methodology and data management
  • Cohorts / active patient files / bio-banks
  • Shared procedures

Build an efficient organisation

  • A single entry point
  • Strong governance
  • An operating charter
  • A quality approach
  • A business model

Stimulate a collective dynamic

  • Collective intelligence for innovative research
  • European visibility
  • Scientific and industrial partnerships

Connect an F-CRIN community

  • A community spirit with shared support functions (quality, communication, etc.)
  • No national competition on this theme
  • Financial support from F-CRIN for network coordination and access to shared services


What F-CRIN is, what F-CRIN is not

F-CRIN has no legal entity and cannot therefore be a research sponsor. However, it provides sponsors – whether hospitals, academia or industry – with the advanced expertise of its thematic components in the cutting-edge fields where France offers unique assets.

F-CRIN is not an institutional representative. It is the expression of scientific and operational field initiatives, involving networks of investigators and research teams.


F-CRIN, a cross-cutting national infrastructure that forges new links

  1. An operational and cross-cutting concept, complementing an institutional approach
  2. Field initiatives set up by physician researchers, investigators and collaborative research projects
  3. A combination of complementary medical, scientific and methodological expertise to set up complex, large-scale research projects
  4. Competence networks with a high capacity for recruitment/inclusion in cutting-edge medical fields

F-CRIN, French partner of ECRIN

F-CRIN is the French component of ERIC-ECRIN (the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network), set up to support the organisation of multinational clinical trials. In this capacity, F-CRIN helps European sponsors and academic investigators to extend their clinical research projects to France.

The F-CRIN coordination team includes the French ECRIN correspondents.


The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network is a not-for-profit organisation set up to facilitate the preparation and implementation of multinational clinical trials in Europe.

For more information, see the eCRIN website.

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Updated on 06 July 2022