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    Symposium "Next generation of clinical research - AI, in silico and external arm: time to make them real"
    24 June 2024, Lille (France)
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F-CRIN in brief

F-CRIN stands for “French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network”. It was set up in 2012 to study human health and diseases. Its main goals are to unlock synergies between French clinical research players by promoting scientific excellence and operational collaboration, and also to represent the European clinical research network – ECRIN-ERIC – in France.

Today, ten years after its founding, F-CRIN operates through an original organisational model of 21 components: 16 theme-based clinical research and investigation networks, 3 networks of advanced expertise, 1 multiservice platform and 1 national coordination unit acting as infrastructure headquarters. F-CRIN now covers over 19 medical fields.


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F-CRIN coordination units across France

F-CRIN, a national infrastructure with 21 components across France.

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