F-CRIN is a national clinical research infrastructure. Approved by the French National Research Agency as part of the Investments for the Future programs, its mission is to strengthen the performance of French clinical research and its attractiveness at the European and international level. A distributed infrastructure, it has 17 components, thematic networks of investigation and expertise, and state-of-the-art service platforms.

F-CRIN is the French component of ERIC "ECRIN", the European Clinical Research Network.



ICTD 2021 will be held online on May 20th 2021.

On this day we commemorate the launch of James Lind’s clinical trial which laid the groundwork for modern-day clinical research. This year ECRIN and his European partners (F-CRIN, ...) will bring together stakeholders from across Europe and the globe to discuss the growing interest in platform trials from best practices to challenges in the European context. ICTD is open to research organisations, clinical research professionals, patient organisations, regulatory and ethics bodies, funders and industry. 

Registration is now open.

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    Launch of a campaign to promote French clinical research

    F-CRIN and the CNCR in partnership with Business France, Leem and SNITEM have designed a brochure to promote French clinical research.

    This leaflet includes a series of contacts enabling sponsors to find the right contacts to deploy their clinical trials in France.

    This initiative is part of the CNaPEC (National Council for the Performance of Clinical Trials) set up within the framework of CSIS 2016.

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