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F-CRIN Labeling of Four New Thematic Investigation Networks

As of January 1, 2018, the F-CRIN Infrastructure will have 4 additional thematic networks of investigation:


  • Pediatric network coordinated by Prs Régis Hankard and Frédéric Gottrand.


  • Network on degenerative diseases of the retina coordinated by Prs Michel Paques and Catherine Creuzot-Garcher


  • Network on severe asthma, coordinated by Prs Alain Didier and Antoine Magnan.


  • Network on Multiple Sclerosis coordinated by Dr. Céline Louapre and Pr Gilles Edan.
This labeling was approved by the Infrastructure Governance Council on November 6 after an evaluation procedure by the Scientific Council of a number of unsolicited applications.
With these 4 new networks, the F-CRIN community is growing and will now have 17 components (12 networks, 4 platforms and the national coordination).
This new wave of labeling will support and promote national, European and international, 4 additional thematic axes of excellence in French clinical research.

F-CRIN : some key figures from 2012 to 2016

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Scientific leadership and expertise in clinical research

Design and conduct of clinical trials for academic or industrial purposes

Initiate, facilitate and support national or international clinical trials from start to finish, with performance and quality objectives.

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Develop and execute national and European clinical research projects

Facilitate and support access to national and European funding.
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Develop the skills of clinical research actors.
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Access to the European ECRIN infrastructure 

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