International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) 2023: Decentralized Clinical Trials: Challenges and Opportunities


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The celebration of the International Clinical Trials Day in 2023, co-organized by ECRIN and its Polish scientific partner, will be placed under the sign of the decentralization of these trials, with the theme "Decentralized clinical trials: challenges and opportunities". It will take place on May 23, 2023, in Warsaw and online.

ECRIN will meet you in Warsaw on May 23, 2023.

International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated on May 20 to commemorate the day James Lind began his famous scurvy trial on May 20, 1747, laying the foundation for what is now modern clinical research.

ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) is pleased to join forces with its Polish scientific partner, PolCRIN (Agencja Badań Medycznych), to host ICDT 2023 on May 23 in Warsaw, with an online broadcast planned. The theme chosen for this year is decentralized clinical trials, a hot topic of challenges and opportunities

This hybrid event will be open both to a limited number of participants in person in Warsaw, and online for participants from around the world.

For more information: ECRIN press release.


ECRIN is the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network, a public, non-profit organisation that focuses on academic-sponsored multinational clinical trials as well as clinical trials initiated by SMEs. It provides sponsors and investigators with advice, management services and tools to navigate Europe’s fragmented health and legal systems on clinical trials. ECRIN has national scientific partners in 12 countries covering more than 350 million citizens. Multi-country clinical trials mean greater access to patients, resources, and expertise, and, in turn, faster and potentially more robust results.
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Updated on 20 April 2023